Funny Video

I recently saw this funny video by the VlogBrothers, it’s called 53 Terrible Jokes but they’re actually pretty good, CLICK HERE to get sent to the video. Also, this is my 10th post! Yay! Thanks to everyone who commented on my posts.


FlatSoccer – Pre-Alpha – Update 2

I’m sorry that there was a major bug in the first update link, I’ve fixed that bug and added a slow-mo feature when the ball gets close to the goal to make the goals look cooler. You can download it and play it with your friends¬†HERE

And Another Pixelart

Yeah, I’ll get up a game update sometime soon but in the meantime, you can see some pixelarts I did. Also if you have a wordpress account, don’t forget to follow and if you don’t have an account just check the page now and then. Thanks.